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I know I’ve been a bit off the ball and out of the game, but I’ve been feeling out of sorts. It seems I’ve written myself in a corner which I tend to do quite often and now I’ve gotta rework the whole chapter. But as promised, I will be releasing an excerpt by the 23rd of December and if all goes well another short story. But don’t fret, once I’ve reached my self imposed 6 short stories mark with includes novellas, I’ll be releasing an anthology with the stories included. But You sorta have to sign up for the newsletter to receive the coupon code so get to it lovelies.


Here’s the link to the form:

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Currently I have Awakened: A Birth Curse Novella out on the interweb as an ebook and a short story title Dust. 


So once my bones stop their aching and my brain wraps itself around this new direction for the series I’ll be right back on track (rhyming not intended). 


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Now I’m off the computer for the night, to eat dinner with the friends.