Strive: A New Poem & Message

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I refuse to be defined by what you see
To be defined by what u make of me.
I refuse to be defined by the sickness ailing me.
For you to think I’m weak.
I refuse to fall into that cliché, that stereotype.

I’m more than the image or person I portray
Your assumptions won’t make you witty or slick
They only highlight your ignorance

The world is made of more than your shallow judgments
Your preconceived notions.

But if you must judge me by what you think you see
remember the world may just judge you the way you’ve judge me….


I’m not weak, I won’t break
I’ve been through more than you could imagine and still thrive.

I don’t succeed in life to taunt you
I’m not who I am because of you
I don’t do what I do because I’ve been told to

I’m me, I succeed, I thrive and I fight in spite of you

– Tiffany M. Oharriz

As many of you might have noticed due to the message in the poem above, I’m going through a pretty hard time right now.

Between my meds, rounds of treatments and doctor appointments I haven’t had much down time or thinking time for any of my stories so I apologize for any missed deadlines or what not.

I promise that once all of this is dealt with and I can find a normal routine I will be back to the same ole me typing away at the computer for you all to read 😀

Poetry Volumes: Memories May Fade

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If heart break is the path to freedom
Then surely my heart can rest
If hating you is easy
This test I cannot pass
If hating me is easy
Then this game should surely end
I don’t want the memories
You can take them all back
You’ve changed, I’ve changed
All I feel is your hate
Your anger stifling the air
My dreams will always be
Of a kinder you,
And a different me
If heartbreak is the path to freedom
I’m surely on my way
Because these memories may fade