Month: January 2013

Yum my childhood snacks!

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Now all I need is to find those half coconut shells filled with ice cream like they sell in the Icecream trucks

🙂 this right here is writer’s brain food


Lolol I so need this

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So…. I’m thinking of buying these for the boys in my house.

Maybe then I’ll stop falling in the toilet at 3 am

  Toilet Decal


Finally a Book Excerpt!!!

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Gifted: A Birth Curse Series Excerpt

So I’ve update my website and the on site Blog, but most importantly I’ve posted an online excerpt titled Gifted, Book 1 to my upcoming book series ‘Birth Curse’.

My on site document viewer is a tad glitchy at the moment so the excerpt is available via Scribd. Please feel free to comment here, on the actual excerpt page or on my website blog. I would really love to hear your thoughts!


– Tiffany